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On the current website issuu pdfs are embedded. This reduces the usable screen size making them harder to read and navigate and they are not responsive, so they would not work well across smaller devices/phones.

I recommend to open pdf documents in a new tab (via issuu), having the following benefits:

  • The user can close the tab and return to the previous screen, be it a search or category listing.
  • The documents are easier to view and interact as the pdf uses the full screen size.
  • They will be fully responsive, adapting to any screen size/device.

The current issuu plan is $29/mth. Moving to the $39/mth plan would allow us to brand & customise the issuu viewer by:

  • Changing the background
  • Customising the buttons styling and displaying only the buttons we require
  • adding the hales logo

Here’s an example of a direct link that opens in a new tab

Here’s an example of a customised¬†direct link that opens in a new tab